Mini-Multi 2D

6 cards in a major suit, below opening strength

After a double by RHO -

After a direct seat major suit overcall upto 4H, a double is "Pass or Correct". After a major suit overcall by 4th seat, double is pass or correct upto 4S if it is in the suit "bid" by responder, penalties in the suit not bid by responder, i.e. 2D-(P)-2H-(3H), P-(P)-X is pass or correct, 2D-(P)-2H-(2S), P-(P)-X is penalties.

Doesn't sound very logical to use 2D - 4D as showing the major partner hasn't got. If partner transfers to his major after 4C, you can usually figure out which one he hasn't got.

So: 4D = bid your major. Ok?
Think that a direct 4H/S should be natural and to play. How do I get to play in my 8 card suit?? If you want to play in the multi option, ask for a transfer or for partner to bid his suit. After a double, iit may well be better to play it as p/c. MBC
Yeah there was some buggy stuff in there before. Fixed now, thanks
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