2H and 2S openings

Precisely 5 cards in the major and 4-5 cards in a minor, below opening strength

These are basically 5 card weak twos with an escape suit.


After a 2NT enquiry:

Hi, I assume here we use 3D as a general invite for the major?
we play that over 2NT
3H shows any 54 and MAX
Advacer then could show with 3S
5oM to reach 53(52) oM.
getting the rigth minor in slam tempo is a bit more complex:
4C ask : 4D i have D;
then 4oM ask D
i have C and KCBW answer

4D ask D : 4M sorry C
other KCBW answer
Hey Gerben,

Can't remember what the structure said when you left your comment, but as you can see we are doing something similar now.


Thanks for the suggestion, I can certainly see the merits, but I'm slightly worried that the 4 card minor could be key to the decision whether to play in 3NT or not.
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