10-13 NT 1st seat NV

The rest of the system file assumes a 14-16 1NT opening, but 1st seat NV, we use a 10-13 NT. 1C is now 13+with clubs or 14-19 balanced (could have a 5 card major), with the balanced hand rebids showing (13)14-16 and 17-19. 11-12 point hands with clubs are now passed in order to have 1C show the strength of the (much more frequent) 14-15 point hands immediately. Other than using 2C as natural and 2D as Drury after a 3rd seat NV opening, and an adjustment of a couple of points in some of the ranges, this requires no other changes to the system.

Some like to use a 10-13 NT 2nd NV as well; I prefer not to, because in 2nd seat -

We use a system of 4 suit transfers designed to enable a GF responder with a small singleton to describe his pattern to opener. Opener's holding in responder's short suit is often the key to the best spot - KQJ and you probably belong in 3NT, xxx or Axx and you probably belong in a 4-3 major fit or a minor suit game or slam. If responder is balanced with a small doubleton, we just look for a 4-4 major fit then bid 3NT if one is not found - if opener cannot stop our doubleton suit then it is unlikely that we are making 5m off two cashing tricks, so instead we will play in 3NT and challenge the opponents to find the lead to take it off.
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